How To Insulate Garage Doors

How To Insulate Garage Doors

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You should note that garage doors that are insulated often maintain the temperature of the garage door and any other room adjacent to it. There are very many way to have your garage door insulated to give it a more finished and complete look. In a way, insulated garage doors last longer as they are sealed and protected using a number of materials that cover them.

There are very many options for you to choose from should you choose to insulate your garage door. You can choose to go with a reflective foil insulation that is made up of heavy duty polythene. Other choices include molded polystyrene panels that have a higher R value.

Steps to follow when insulating your garage door

How To Insulate Garage DoorsYou can always hire a professional if you find the insulation process difficult. You can also research on various sites which give detailed steps and procedures to follow when insulating your garage doors.

You should note that there is a home made approach to this process. This mostly consists of cutting foam core pieces and sticking them with tape, preferably a double sided one. You will also need a double lip weather strip which will help you seal all the gaps between the floor and the door. Other than saving energy for your home, insulation also reduces the noise by acting as a sound barrier and creating a more comfortable working environment for you.

Things to reflect on when having your garage door insulated

It’s important to note that reflective foil insulation comprises of two heavy duty polyethylene foam layers that is placed in between two sheets made out of aluminum foil. The usual thickness of this type of insulation should be about 5/16 of an inch.  A lot of insulation kits are easy to install using a utility knife, tape measure and straight edge. You can always choose to insulate you garage door using reflective foil which are often sold in bulk rolls and can be cut incase you are unable to find a suitable kit.

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