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Who doesn't need more space at home? With all things people buy and the limited space in the house, people end up tossing everything in the garage. Garage Storage Solutions in Plantation assures you that you have more space at home than you think. You just need a helping hand to get organized. That's all! Imagine having a garage floor free of tools, toys, bicycles and other things you leave in there hoping that one day you will find the time to tidy up. We can save you both time and space. We have garage storage solutions which will help you hang items in slatwall systems or the ceiling. We install cabinets where you can keep tools, old little things, scissors, detergents and boxes. Nothing will stand in your way when you are trying to reach your car. You won't have to jump over brooms, baseball bats, umbrellas and pliers. By organizing all these items in garage cabinets, racks and shelves, you will suddenly gain a lot of space in the garage. Everything will be neatly organized and concealed so that the garage won't only be spacious and comfortable, but also a safe place to be. The possibility of accidents will be reduced to zero, nothing will break, the floor will be cleaned easier and you will finally have enough space to park the car. After we are done, you will certainly find the things you are looking for right away.

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Garage Storage SolutionsGarage Storage Solutions in Plantation makes everything possible. With the right systems, you will have enough space in the garage so that you can engage in activities or come and go without tripping over things on the floor. Think of your options:

* Garage overhead storage

* Garage shelving

* Garage slatwall systems

* Garage storage rack

* Garage cabinets

These are some of the solutions our company offers. The most important thing is that we sit with you in order to identify your needs, take the right measurements, make suggestions and manage to change your everyday life by transforming your garage. From garage storage cabinets to wall and ceiling organization solutions, we promise to find the perfect systems for your garage.

We also offer flooring solutions. We don't just help you get organized, but also have great suggestions for garage flooring options. Why should you keep the existing floor, which gets stained easily and is hardly appropriate for heavy duty use? We recommend epoxy flooring for high resistance and easy cleaning.

Our company can find solutions for all your garage concerns.

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